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pouce en l'air

Experience and savoir-faire

We are passionate about our work. For more than 15 years, we have been striving to constantly improve ourselves to offer a high quality service to our customers. We know how to avoid common traps such as using the microphone only when it’s really necessary and not for making stupid jokes.

Music tailored to your needs

We work together on the repertoire according to what you want. Everything is build around your musical tastes.
Together, we set a black list as well as a list of your favorites.


We have a high quality sound and lights equipment. For example, We use JBL EON 515 speakers, Dynacord powermate mixing table, Shure microphone, led lights…



We stay in touch as much as needed before the wedding and we meet whenever you need. I’m always available.


Real skillfullness

To add to our experience and knowledge in the music field, we have been developing the video reportage for more than 10 years. An other website is dedicated to it:


The given price is including tax and VAT. Is is established depending on the choice of the service chosen. Count on 1200 dollars for a high quality performance.